October 31, 2010

#30/31 Boo!

Well, I bet you were expecting Hannah to be Pippi Longstocking!  

Nope!  I was hoping for twin Pippis, but Hannah was not going for it.  

She wanted to be a clown.   She had a good time trick or treating with a couple of her Southern friends (that's Shea who is the witch!).   Unfortunately, this is about the best picture that I got.

Tomorrow we'll be at our science camp, and won't have any internet access for several days (wouldn't you expect scientists to have internet access???)   I'm one post shy of finishing all 31 posts.  I actually have the post ready to go; it's a guest blogger, and I needed her final OK to post it.  But my computer won't let me send email (even webmail!) if I'm using someone else's internet provider.  So it's going to be later in the week before I get it posted.  It will be worth the wait!

Thanks for reading all through October!  It was both fun and exhausting!  I'm much more of a 1-2x a week blogger.


Alex's Mom said...

Congrats....enjoying sweet tea?

Anonymous said...

LOVE Pippy!!!

And Hannah makes a great clown!!!

Happy Halloween and have a great time at the science camp!