October 19, 2010

#19/31 Dance!

It's Tuesday.   Hannah's favorite day.   She's busy getting her chores done so we can finish up her schoolwork.  She has a lot to do before we leave the house this afternoon.   But she's working hard.  And fast.  Motivation is a wonderful thing!

She has her theater class at 4:30.   That used to be her favorite activity.

But not any more.

Right after theater is over, she changes into her dance clothes.   She gets so excited!   Dance starts at 6:30, so we scurry to get some dinner out and get to the studio.

All of the girls in her class have had a year (or many more) years of dance.   The class is fast-paced for a beginner.   Her teacher has Hannah do everything the other dancers are doing, and helps her focus on learning some basic steps, but she doesn't expect any beginner to be able to do all the moves.

Hannah comes out of class feeling very successful.    She loves it.   Me too.


Cheryl said...

Oh,Beth,thank you for posting this.I hope to put Ruby in dance class someday.Ruby loves music and is already trying a few moves;)
I love seeing Hannah at the ballet bar!Hannah,I'm so excited for you!

Grace said...

Observation Day????

To Love Endlessly said...

how great that she loves going to dance so much and that she's in their with all those experienced dancers holding her own. Go Hannah go. ;-)

Sheena said...

Yayay!! So happy to have Hannah in class!! She's a hard worker, and teachers l-o-v-e that!

Grace, we DO have observation, at the end of every class! :) We love visitors (and it's good for the students to get comfortable dancing in front of an audience!!)


We'd love to see you all!

Holly S said...

Great photo! Best compliment for Hannah....Jacob and I were reading the post and I said, "Hey, which one is Hannah?" I had to look closely....Isnt' it so exciting when they blend in???