November 21, 2011


Anybody remember this?    She was keeping a secret...26 months ago.

She did it!  26 months, almost to the day!   Can you believe how much she's grown in two years?

The braces are gone! 

She is so excited!

She did so well through the entire process of orthodontia. Hannah was a trooper--from oral surgery to ulcers from the wires, she rarely complained. She was a terrific patient.  I used to go back with her to for her adjustments, but about 8 months ago she told me to stay in the waiting room. She wanted to go independently. Today I had to ask her permission to go back with her to take a picture. She was reluctant to admit me, but Dr. B. convinced her that I should be able to come.  Such a teenager.

We celebrated this evening with popcorn and a DVD.  But she nixed the popcorn.  After two years, she wasn't interested!   Instead, she asked for a dill pickle!   (At least she didn't put a pickle on that breakfast toast this morning....)


Creative Breakfast...

I should be glad that Hannah is self-sufficient and independent.

But we might need to tweak the definition of "breakfast".

I know the dentist and orthodontist will be so proud.