October 2, 2010

2.5/31 A bonus post!

Or, perhaps I can cash this in if I miss a day later on in the month?

While I was busy all day long (see tomorrow's post), James and Hannah went to the Virginia State Fair.  By all accounts they had a great time--they got to see farm animals, an agility dog show, bumper cars, and ate corn dogs (glad I missed that part).    Hannah played an arcade game to win a prize. Somehow she hit five balloons with three darts! So she is the proud owner of a stuffed animal--a pig she appropriately named Wilbur.

When I got home this evening, the first thing I noticed that Hannah also won her first bad sunburn of the year:

Yesterday it went through my mind to put out some sunscreen, but then I got a migraine and went to bed.  I didn't think about it again until I saw her.  Ouch.  She's all shiny with lotion and lip balm now.  Hope she'll fade quickly.


JennyH said...

Ouch is right! I hope it doesn't hurt too bad.

Love the picture below of Hannah at the age of 2 1/2. Also love hearing about her schooling.

Anonymous said...

We were in winter coats yesterday! I can't believe Miss H is sportin' a burn! She's lovely as ever!