October 28, 2010

#27/31 Out of town, again!

So we're off on our next adventure!  Hopefully this will post as we head out the door at 8 a.m.   We're on our way to the North Carolina mountains.  We'll be staying in Flat Rock tonight.  Our good friends Chuck and Janet live there.   We met them when we were young parents--Kate was 2 months old--and James was stationed in San Francisco.    We lived in a tiny apartment in San Leandro, near Alameda.   Chuck and Janet took us under their wing as we were but poor, lost circus performers new parents lost on the West coast.  They've been cheering us onward, through many moves and trials.  They've been champions for Hannah since the day she was born.

Just about the time our family moved out of North Carolina, Chuck and Janet decided to move there!   We do get to see each other more than the 15 years we lived on opposite coasts.   And fortunately for us, they don't mind giving us room and board for a night while en route to the Museum of the Cherokee Indian.  

It's almost a 7 hour drive to Flat Rock.   Then another 90 minutes West to the museum (tomorrow).  Then another 3.5 hours East to my parents house in Tega Cay, SC.  We've packed videos, books on CD, a new coloring book and snacks.   Should keep us happily going!

I'll check in when I can...I have two guest bloggers chiming in soon, and I hope to squeeze in a Halloween post too!   I'll be home next Thursday night.

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Kate said...

Okay, I know you're behind, but you can't count this as one of your Down Syndrome blog posts!