October 26, 2010

#24/31 Quick Cookin' with Nan

More like, slipshod Cookin' with Nan....

Monster Toast!!

Get your bread.  White is best for this kind of toast.

Then make colored milk.  I picked red, blue and green.

Swirl the color around in the milk.

Then use a paint brush (we have ones specifically designated for food) and make a funny or scary face on the un-toasted bread.

You can paint both sides of the bread if you want.

Pop the bread in the toaster.  Don't make it dark toast or you won't see the monster faces!

The monsters are coming out of the toaster!!

Butter them up!

 And become a monster slayer!


Tara said...

Very, very cool! I'll be doing this with my kids tomorrow. Thanks, Nan! :)

My name is Sarah said...

Cool Hannah. I like your monster toast.

alaskamama said...

haha...wonderful... Rob will be trying out your recipe very soon...keep 'em coming...

Sharon said...

That's really cute!