October 25, 2010

#23/31 Running Away from Home (Me!)

So, I'm falling behind this 31 for 21 deal...and it's likely to get worse.  Hannah and I will soon be traveling for a week (Hello North and South Carolinas!).  So I'm officially petitioning for an extension of October so I can complete this challenge!

I ran away from home on Saturday.  I had a good weekend away with two Sisters of the Chromosome-hood, Wendy and Donna.    We had an overnight escape to a cottage on the York River, near historic Yorktown (of Revolutionary War fame).

We spent our time shopping, talking, eating, talking, mojito-ing, talking, sleeping and talking.   As it should be!

Donna and Wendy each have two daughters with Down syndrome.  Between them, they have one kindergartener and three 1st graders.  That's a whole lot of activity!  I know they needed the escape more than I did, especially since they each planned and executed a Buddy Walk in their town this month (and Wendy threw in a Golf Tournament as well for a good measure of insanity).

It was a wonderful time to share--without interruptions.

This extra-chromosome thing is really a sisterhood.  It's also a family tree.  Those of us who have a family member with Down syndrome really are connected genetically.   I don't know where I'd be without my extended Ds family.  Probably up the York River without a paddle.   Thanks, blogworld, for being part of my family!

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Justine said...

Yes, have an extension! Glad you got away for a bit!