October 21, 2010

# 21/31 Monica and David + Buddy Walk Total

Wow--when I typed in 21/31 I almost felt like I finished the marathon!    But, no.  I still have 10 more posts to go!

Tonight was my Monica and David movie party!   It didn't start out being a party, but I posted on Facebook that I had it recorded, so a bunch of friends who don't have HBO came over.  We had food and fun.   We paused the movie SO much--it took us an extra hour to watch it!  We all loved Monica.

I have lots of comments/thoughts about the movie, but I need to process first.   And since I've got 9 minutes left before midnight, I have to make this short!

Besides that fun, James came home with a big check from a donor who decided to match Hannah's Buddy Walk funds.   That brings Hannah's fundraising up to:  $ 1,890.00!!!   That is amazing to me.   I think the most she's raised in the past has been about $500.   So if anyone is looking for a good landscape company--check out ORC Grounds Management, Inc.  The owner, Dave, is a big community supporter; I'd love for locals to give him their business!  

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