October 11, 2010

#11/31 Rut roh!

Ooh, I only have an hour left of the day!  Shazam that day went by quickly!

This is Chris' last day at home, and I've spent all afternoon and into the evening helping him with his Halloween costume.   I cannot reveal it at this time, but it is really funny and adorable.   Originally both Hannah and Chris were going to be the same thing for Halloween, but now Hannah decided on something else.   I'm not too excited about her choice--it's a little too bland for me--but she gets to choose.  At least it isn't a Firefighter, which was one of the finalists.

It doesn't make much difference, but it would have been cute to have twins!   But Chris will be at school, and Hannah and I will be in South Carolina.   We are going on a 3-day field trip to Seabrook Island, SC to study barrier island ecology.   Our good friends Roxanne and Shea, and Holly and Emily will be sharing a cabin with us!  Three moms, three girls:  FUN!    Hannah's friends are a year or two younger than she is, which works out perfectly since the classes on the island are multi-aged so they can all be together.

I am thinking of adding on a couple of days to our trip to go to the North Carolina mountains.  This fall Hannah is studying Native Americans.  Right now we're learning about the Cherokee.  We've been looking at various websites along with our library books, and found the Museum of the Cherokee.  I think it would be fun to go and see it first hand.

Hannah has been on the lookout for native words--we found a site that had Cherokee towns/village names.   She recognized these names:  Chattanooga, Qualla (which is a street not far from our neigborhood), Etowah (which is a local Girl Scout or Boy Scout council name),  Oconaluftee (a river in NC), and Sewanee (in Tennessee, where my professor cousin used to teach).    She also has found the word Cherokee while riding around town--a Jeep, and a camper both have that name.  She thought the funniest place to find the word Cherokee was when she was doing Chris' laundry.  There it was, fresh out of the dryer, his t-shirt from Target:  Cherokee!!


Anonymous said...

Would love to hear more about the ecology trip!

Hope you have a fun time.


Holly S/NC said...

Hey, we made it to the blog! I just wanted to encourage you to go to the Museum of the cherokee. It is really neat. You see them doing all sorts of stuff - weaving, whittling weapons, burning out a canoe, etc. and sit in on a tribal ceremony. Very cool!!