June 19, 2010

Paging Dr. Doolittle, Paging Dr. Doolittle

A few months ago Hannah did major cleaning in her room.   She packed up all her doctor stuff--blood pressure cuffs, 4 stethoscopes, IV supplies (no needles), scrubs, lab coat, multiple otoscopes and other medical tools--she even packed up her Playmobil Hospital.   She was done with being a doctor.   She's moved on to wanting to be a Rescue Hero (a la the old cartoon with Billy Blazes).  

For years, playing Doctor was her mainstay.  My very first blog post included a bit about Dr. Hannah.  I've been missing her discussing how much more interesting the digestive system as opposed to, say, the nervous system.

But I've had a little reprieve.   A couple weeks ago she convinced Chris to get her stuff down from the attic. The bedroom is covered with bandages and newly un-sterile gauze.

She's back in her role in The Operating Theater.  Her favorite victim patient is undergoing surgery.  It looks a little like that scene in The Princess Bride, down in the Pit of Despair.

Poor bear.    He did survive.

June 18, 2010

Forsook? Never!

Oh my dear blog readers, I have not forsaken thee!  We are alive and well, but...lazy, I suppose.

Our vacation was wonderful--restful, fun, delicious, silly and sandy.

Our favorite--Pelicans!   Looking at them now makes me melancholy with the continuing news of the oil spill disaster.

Hannah created Ariel from the Little Mermaid, complete with seaweed hair!

James was nearly devoured by a venus flytrap!

We had a great time--but missed having Kate with us.

Since we've been home Hannah had her piano recital.  She did a great job with her pieces, but  unfortunately the video is so dark it's not even worth showing you.  I do have some practice video that I'll post later.  

Chris has been preparing for his summer internship at a local hospital.  He's had a few hoops to jump through and finally will begin on Monday.  He'll be in the Neuroscience department, learning about the gamma knife and all sorts of things I don't understand.

We also enjoyed cool weather at our sweet little local zoo.  For a small zoo they have a pretty good variety of species.  The most interesting part is hand feeding the giraffes!  It's gross but interesting--slimy black tongues!

And they have a skyride for aerial views of the rhinos and zebras.

Hope your summer is off to a good start too!