October 15, 2010

#14.5/31 Addendum

Now that I've had a night to sleep, I still can't see yesterday clearly.   I am pretty sure that hormones (of the female type) were not directly guiding Hannah yesterday.   She is usually grumpy and mean when she is a few days away from the start of her cycle.  Yesterday she wasn't grumpy, and not particularly moody; we had that last week.    Yesterday she just didn't (or couldn't) listen.   My clue came while we were at the orthodontist in the afternoon.   She loves him.  But she didn't process much of what he said to her.  He asked her a couple of questions and she didn't even turn her head to listen to him.   I can understand her tuning ME out, but not Dr. B.  And he was telling a joke, one of her favorite things. A bad joke.  Her specialty.

I'm glad that I went back to the chair with her.  I had had enough of her by that time and was considering letting her go back for her adjustments by herself just so I could have a few minutes away from her in the waiting room.

So I'm leaning towards the theory that she wasn't intentionally disobedient, but that there was something that was clouding her processing.   By evening time, she seemed back to normal.   She had her first music class with a new teacher, improvisation and "singing".  She loved it.  In my earlier fury I had declared all media off limits for the entire day.  So she happily got out her fancy water colors and painted the evening away.  It was a nice way to end the day.

If she starts a cold in the next day or two, I'll know what was happening.  Otherwise, it will be one more unknown childrearing experience.  Thanks for your thoughts and support.  Getting feedback, knowing I'm not the only mean frustrated mommy out there is very helpful.

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Anonymous said...

I think you're one of the most articulate and passionate moms out there and you light the way for many of us. (No pressure! LOL!)

Hope today is a great one! And the weekend even better!