October 8, 2010

8/31 Dogs

Hannah is a dog lover.   She studies books about dog breeds.   A recent gift was a book about puppies.  A puppy encyclopedia that includes breeds such as the Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever.  Dogs that probably don't exist in reasonable quantity.

When I came home from my trip to the Mideast, I found a new addition to the pile of stuffed animals.  This one was easy to notice.  

It's as big as Hazel (who is almost 50 lbs).

I asked her where the Swiss Mountain dog came from.   She said, in a huff,  "Mom!  That's a Bernese Mountain Dog!"    (In my defense, the two breeds are very similar.)

The dog was borrowed from her friend Cady.    It's been here for a couple of months; it's time to return it.  

Who knew that Hannah had named it?


Yup.  Bernice the Bernese Mountain Dog.

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Anonymous said...

the Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retrievers are wonderful dogs. my parents have one and she is the happiest dog i have ever met.