October 29, 2010

#27.5/31 Honey, I Shrunk the Kid!

I heard grumbling all the way from Jordan telling me that my previous post didn't count for 31 for 21.    Hey!  Who owns this blog anyway??    Who is the Mamma?

But I do see her point.   So here are a few pictures of my 21st chromosome mutant to make up for the boring pre-trip post.  (Don't be hatin' for that mutant comment.  It's technically true, and I say it lovingly and humorously! And I love her mutation--she's adorable.)

On yesterday's southwesterly journey we took a midday break at the Greensboro Children's Museum.

Honey, I shrunk the kid!

In keeping with her new fascination with civil heroes, here are two of Hannah's latest career aspirations.

And if those don't work out, she's going to be on the pit crew for Lightnin' McQueen (or other race car, like Hot Wheels).

We hopped back in the car and made it to Flat Rock, NC without much trouble.

I have internet access here, but for some reason I cannot send emails.  Maybe that's a Comcast problem or some server glitch.   Don't think I'm ignoring you!

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