October 27, 2010

#26/31 Art

Hannah completed her art session at our local Homeschool resource center on Monday.   Miss Jennifer is a great teacher!  Hannah's been taking classes with her for over two years.   Usually I stick her in the 6-11 year old class, but she's outgrown it (physically); she doesn't really fit in.   This session Miss Jennifer offered a new class for advanced students. Over the course of eight weeks, the class would work on just two projects, one was pencil, and the other was acrylic on canvas.  The focus of the class was on color scale--from light to dark tones, shading, etc.   Now, I wouldn't ever intimate that Hannah is an advanced artist (yet), but it sounded like a class she'd enjoy.  And the age range was 10-15.  Perfect.  Jennifer and I chatted and she quickly said she absolutely would love to have Hannah in the class.

Everyone in the class did a similar drawing, with a ribbon through the fingers of their hand.    Then Jennifer connected each drawing and built a long accordion style book.

(click to enlarge)

Hannah really enjoyed this project!  (She managed to squeeze in a little bit of an electric guitar in hers too.)

Her second project was a little more challenging.  The teacher brought in a variety of glass bottles.  The students were to imagine something made out of them.   There was a charcoal sketch, and then a pencil outline on the canvas.   They had to pick one color and make a tone scale (light to dark). Her favorite color is red (like Murray Cook, the Red Wiggle, and like Lightning McQueen).

Hannah thought about a castle.   Here's her charcoal sketch:

And her final painting.   My favorite part is that little duck in the bottom right corner. (And that other creature is a pony, not a rodent. I think the thing that looks like draperies is a stall in a barn.  Not sure though.)

She was very happy with the class, and she's proud of her hard work.  She's looking forward to starting a new class in January.


Cheryl said...

I enjoyed seeing Hannah's art! No wonder she's proud,she did a terrific job! Hannah makes me excited about Ruby's future.

Monica Crumley said...

Beautiful art. I'm an art docent at my kids' school (8 years now) and I've never seen the hand with a ribbon idea. I love it. Hannah is doing very well!