October 10, 2010

10/31 Buddy Walk Pix

I haven't been out and about visiting other blogs this weekend, but I bet there are a gazillion Buddy Walk pictures hitting the web.

Since we're about to go out to dinner to celebrate James' new promotion/raise/client, (and the fact that we don't have to move for FIVE more years!), I'm taking the shortcut for today's post and throwing up some BW pix from yesterday.

Our good friends The H-B's came along for the fun!   Chris and I sneaked away from the registration table and caught up with everyone else just in time to begin the walk.   It was hot--86 degrees!

        There was a jump rope team performing--Hannah loves jumping rope!

Just before we left the walk, we ran into Jay and Mac, Lois' Daddy and brother.  Last week Lois finished her first round of chemo, which knocked her down with a viral infection, so she's back in the hospital.    All 1,000+ people attending the Buddy Walk received a flyer about Lois and her need for a bone marrow transplant--it's easy to join the Bone Marrow registry, just a cheek swab and you're good to go!   Please go to Be The Match to sign up!


To Love Endlessly said...

Look s like an absolute blast! I'll be posting our pictures tomorrow!

kim said...

great pics, pal! and congrats to james!! that's awesome!! :)

Stephanie said...

Glad you guys are not going anywhere for a while! Way to go, James!

Great pics from the Buddy Walk. Sorry to hear that Lois has a viral infection. Ed and I sent our swabs back to the Be The Match registry last week, so we should be official as soon as they're processed. I didn't know anything about the bone marrow registry before I read Lois's mom's blog, so I know there are lots of people who will register once they know it's there. Sending lots of prayers up for Lois and her family.