October 6, 2010

6/31 Adolescence. Yes and No.

My girl is turning into a teenager.   Not officially, of course, but in attitude.

Adolescence is really quite humorous when you're not the one going through it.   I always enjoyed watching my capable children completely flounder with simple tasks, just because their brains are drowning in a bath of hormones.

Hannah's not yet there, but she is getting an attitude with me.   She's short with me, and can be rather rude.   As with most adolescents, she thinks it's my fault--that I'm the one who is changing.   I try to give her as much independence as possible, but there are times when I need to supervise.   She is not pleased.

I was talking to Kate about this on Skype (the best invention ever!).  She can see it/hear it when Hannah's Skyping with her.  When Nan's turn on Skype should be over, she cops an attitude.  Kate will say, "Hey! Be nice to Mom!"   Hannah usually responds with an indignant sigh.

I know these are all signs of typical emotional development (at least in the USA), so this a good thing.   But some times I feel like I got cheated!   I was told that she'd be more like a baby for a longer period of time.   I was told that she would be slow to develop and slow to reach milestones.  Well, in this instance, that's totally out the window.   Where's my baby?  My child?  She's just 2 inches shorter than me too!  No fair!

Yes, she is maturing, but while she's testing the teenaged waters, she still keeps one foot firmly in childhood.   She still loves the Disney Channel.   She still plays with her doll house and Webkinz.  She self-talks with Woody and Buzz Lightyear.  She adores coloring books.  She uses these things to relax.  She works hard at learning and doing, and then she wants to have her version of zoning out.  She doesn't just want it, she needs it.  We all do (Hello Facebook? Solitaire? Blog reading?) .  It's our re-charging time.

These things are not bad; I'm really not complaining. It's just different--bridging the span of preschool interests all the way to hormonal mood swings.

It is just odd.

And there are few navigational charts to help me steer the ship.  She's a mystery.


Kate said...

at least she doesn't spit chewed up bits of sandwich at you like Nefisa does! lol.

Unknown said...

Oh we are starting those days too! The attitude and hair flip, now she is wearing sunglasses on top of her head like her brother's girlfriend.
But still has her Disney channel and "school" with her imaginary friends.