October 15, 2011

By the Numbers

What you knew:

1 Very Abandoned Blog

What you didn't know:

2 field trips to Washington D.C.

3 natural disasters within a three week span:
        Earthquake: epicenter was 40 miles from our house.  No damage.
        Hurricane: Lost one tree, one window and everything in our fridge
                          (five days without power)
        Tropical Storm:  Drowned the garden and beat up the raspberries

7 airplanes (and 2 trains) to travel to and from California and New Mexico.

16 Museums/Aquariums/Zoos/National Parks

19 years since I saw my college roommate!   I still love her. A lot.

58 days until KATE COMES HOME!!!!  Her time is almost up, and she'll be home before Christmas! w00t!!!

100+  good times with my sweetheart, my boy, my girl, and my friends.