October 31, 2010

#29/31 Dancin' with Nan

I'm'a gonna have to change my password or something--obviously someone has hijacked this blog!!  Clearly someone else besides me loves this Nanabird.

Did you know that the Cherokee people had seven clans?  We decided that Hannah would've been a member of the Bird Clan.

If there was Dance Clan, she'd opt for that one, she loves it so.

Visitors are welcome to the last five minutes of Hannah's dance class.  I take the opportunity to video the class so Hannah can review the music and movements. She's coming along, regularly a half-beat behind, but she's getting better.

This is a routine they've been working on for a few weeks. It's not yet complete. Hannah loves it because the music comes from Toy Story 3 and all the dancers are pretending to be toys/dolls.

Hannah is the one wearing all black except for a white waistband from her shorts. She's on the opposite side from where I was filming, so I mostly have her reflection in the mirror.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that was beautiful! Actually, I find that the difference of the half beat movement timing really pretty!

Beth, Hannah is so long and lean like a dancer...It makes ME want to learn dance!

Jaimie said...

You're a great dancer Hannah!

Jaimie (a lurker)

P.S. What is the name of that song?

Brandie said...

Lovely dancing Hannah!

Has she taken dance before? My 8 & 11 yo girls decided they want to start dance classes. I'm worried that all the other girls will have years of experience and they'll have a hard time keeping up. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much.

Sharon said...

Great dancing Hannah and I love the song too!

Sheena said...

@Jaimie: The song is "When She Loved Me" by Bridgett Mendler (on the DisneyMania7 album)

@Brandie: Ohh they would be just fine! Dancers start at that age all of the time! They would love, love it!

@Hannah: SO proud of you! Every day and ALWAYS! <3