January 3, 2013

Catch all....

So, here I am again, late as usual--skipping an entire month of posting.

We've had a busy holiday season:

Tree Hunters!

The DSAGR Christmas Party!

First official choir concert, with Mrs. P.
(Hannah did a great job staying on pitch!)

Annual Gingerbread House building with Hannah's good friend B.

Hannah and I made a trip to NYC in mid-December.  We went to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.  

My favorite picture of the trip!

But the real reason for going to NYC was to see Hannah's best cousin dance in the Knickerbocker Suite.   Mary is the same age as Hannah and has the same hair!   Mary was exquisite--a very accomplished ballerina.



Home we came, and brought a stomach flu.  Not so much fun, but it was over in a few days, just in time for Christmas.

Firetrucks galore!

Dinosaurs galore!

Grandparents, friends, holiday lights--we had it all!   Hope your holidays were filled with fun and the people you love.