October 13, 2010

#13/31 Photography and Captions by Hannah

This is my Rescue Hero Command Center.  I bought it myself.

That's a BIG goldfish.

It's not Puddle.  But it is a Big Puddle.  
(Puddle is our baby painted turtle.)

My mom is silly in this picture.

I drew a picture of an airplane for my Dad when I was at the airport.

This is inside my Grandma and Grandpa's car.

My Daddy made a perfect smile so you can see him!

My mom planted a strawberry plant.  Can you believe it?  A strawberry in October!

Raspberries.  They taste yummy!

These are watermelons.

I like to make videos on my camera the most.


Natalie said...

Dear Hannah,
I LOVE your photo captions! Your Rescue Heroes look really great. My favorite picture is your mom's head on a plate.

Anonymous said...

Hannah, is there no end to your creativity?! :)

Love the pictorial...especially the word play on Big Puddle, too.

Justine said...

Hannah, I love your pictures and captions! I especially love the garden pictures because I garden, too.