October 24, 2012

Snippets of Disney 24/31

Exhaustion, but I can't leave you in the lurch!

Here are the highlights so far:

Last night, flew into Orlando, an hour late.
At touchdown, she says, "We Orlanded!"

We slept well enough--up and out to the Magic Kingdom.   It was raining, but it stopped by the time we got to the parking lot.  The Haunted Mansion was on everyone's mind.   As we boarded the Monorail Hannah turned to me and whispered, "I'm going to be face to face with a cloaked figure!!!"

We scurried over to Liberty Square to get in line for the Haunted Mansion--about 9:30.   There were just a few people headed that way.  We got the disability pass, but we didn't really need it then--no line whatsoever.

A Spooky Nan!

We wandered around the "cemetery", and then she donned her headphones and got down to business.   I was so proud of her.  She didn't seem to be very nervous, but I knew this was a big accomplishment--eight years of build up is a long time to hold onto a mysterious something.

We flashed our disability pass as we boarded our DoomBuggy (all three of us crammed in there!).  We asked if we could stay on the ride if Hannah wanted to go around again.  "Sure!  As long as you want!".  

She loved it.   She wanted to do it again.   And again.  (The Mansion exiting host mentioned that the record number of rides by one person in a day was 60.  This did not console us as we went around five consecutive times!)

One happy girl!

It was great!   We didn't hear a single word about the Haunted Mansion for the rest of the day.  That is, until I mentioned that we could go back for one last ride before we left the park.  Yup, she definitely wanted to go again.

We had a great day--worn out from fun!  Six rides on the Haunted Mansion!

And guess what?  Some friends of ours happened to be at Disney today too!   Lois's family was there (see link above left).

P.S.  Lois is going to have another little brother!  They are expecting in early 2013!!   Exciting?  Yes!!!!

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Anna said...

Oh fun! So proud of you Hannah!!!!