October 9, 2012


On this chilly and drizzly day Hannah and I are taking a day trip to Washington DC.  

We are going to pay homage to one of Hannah's childhood favorites:

Hannah LOVED Murray.  For a very long time.  

When she was young, we all had to role play.   Hannah was Murray, I was Greg, Kate and Chris alternatively were Jeff and Anthony, and James was Captain Feathersword.

It was really annoying.

We went to several concerts.   Each time, Murray walked up to Hannah and said hello.   It was magic.

So, if you didn't know, The Wiggles are retiring.   This is their Farewell Tour.   Made me nostalgic.   Hannah got a lot of joy from the Wiggles.  And lots of exercise (that's a lot of dancing!).  And she gained a thirst for guitars.  

Thanks, Murray, for giving my girl so much fun!


Natalie said...

I have so much nostalgia for the Wiggles! I remain an ardent Anthony fan :)

Anna Theurer said...

What is it about The Wiggles? Ellie is OBSESSED. . . but only with the episodes that have Sam in them.

Becca said...

Oh, no, they're retiring?? You know, it's funny - Samantha was never really into them, but I sure did like them! Captain Feathersword was my favorite. shhhh...don't tell... LOL

Hope you had a great time today!