October 22, 2012

Life Imitating Art 22/31

Hannah loves our local art museum.  It's the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond.  It's free!   They just installed a traveling exhibit by Dale Chihuly.  We'll have to go back to see that when we have time to ooh and ahhh.

We only had an hour to kill, so we wandered around.    We found ourselves looking at the Ancient Egyptian art,  Ancient Chinese, and then, surprisingly, ended up at "British Sporting".   We always like the bronze statues of farm animals.

As it turns out, our dog Hazel has several nickname.  Basil.  The Cow.  Hazeltine.  (and a few I'm not allowed to use)

The pig sculptor's name is Haseltine.

Here is life imitating art.

And again.
This bull actually looks a bit like Hazel.
Wherever we go, Hannah finds a way to have fun.   The museum guard even mentioned noticed that!

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Crittle said...

Love Chihuly glass. It always reminds me of the Bellagio, where we got married. :)