October 16, 2012


I've had a frustrating evening, just like last night.   I've been battling electronics, and so far, I am the loser.   So, instead of totally ignoring you, I'm going to just throw out a few pictures and call it a post!

Hannah plays "Draw Something" on her iPad.   I love this drawing.  We didn't even know she knew about Vikings!
(Draw Something is an internet game sort of like Pictionary--draw a picture that will let your teammate figure out your word.  The words are randomly assigned.)

Can you make a moustache out of octopus tentacles?

Summer smooching at the pool

Channeling John Lennon at the ophthalmologist

Channeling the Borg

A visit to the National Zoo during the NDSC Convention

And this, the last of the the photo series...
Exploring at my cousin's fabulous home in Vermont--
pond, stream, amazing blueberries, and lots and lots of space to explore

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