October 19, 2012

Hannah's Extreme Bedroom Makeover

When Hannah went off to Camp Pals this summer I decided to update her room.  It wasn't totally a surprise--I didn't want her to freak out when she returned!   She helped me choose which toys to keep, which ones should go on vacation to the attic, and which ones should go to kids who need more toys.   I was surprised that she gave away so many things!  I am not a great role model when it comes to letting MY things go, but apparently Hannah hasn't noticed that.

Hannah picked out her new bedding, but I picked the surprise theme (Rock and Roll).  

As it turned out, I only had three days to get the room finished, and I almost made it.   The finishing touch arrived too late to apply to the wall, but she didn't mind.

Here's the Big Reveal!


My Little Wonders said...

Oh my goodness ... the room is fantastic, but Hannah steals the show! She is so excited! Thank you for sharing. :)

Cindy said...

That is beautiful! So many fun things in that room! I like the shelf with the hooks for medals and trophys. I think I'll be buying one for Beth's room!

Loved Hannah's reaction! I could watch it over and over!