October 20, 2012

Back in Time

Hannah loves her iPad.  She's gone through tons of apps and games, learned all kinds of things (frog dissection app?), has access to Facebook (yes, she's on Facebook!) and email.  But one of her favorite things is the camera. She loves to use the crazy camera features.   She loves to take videos of herself and her friends.  We regularly have to delete most of the pictures or videos (she doesn't seem to notice).

Back in March she saw a new kids' TV show called "Dinosaur Train".   She really liked it.  It's made for preschoolers, but she didn't know much about dinosaurs, so it was interesting to her.    We got dinosaur books from the library, and dinosaur toys.

We were surprised when we discovered this video she made!   She took the part of the narrator, and had her toys do the action.  When you watch it, you'll see Hannah look over to the side.  That's because she's looking at the iPad screen to see what she looks like in the picture (the camera is to her left side of the iPad).

I've added some text to help you understand some of the tricky parts.    It's long, but pretty entertaining...You can get a real feel for her imagination.

No problemo !!

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Linda S said...

This is really great and inspiring!