October 14, 2012

Chris is home!

It's fall break at William and Mary, so Chris is home for a few days!  It's always nice to see him, especially since he spent the summer in Williamsburg too.   He hasn't been at home for more than a few days here and there.   He's worked the past two summers in Williamsburg, so we only get him when:
       a.)  he has a school break
       b.) he needs something from home (Dr. appt, pots and pans, etc)
But, that's what we signed up for when we launch our kids: independence.  He's only 75 minutes away, so if we need a Chris fix we can go visit.   That's a lot easier than when we needed to go to Jordan to see Kate!   This is his last year of college.   At least, his last year at William and Mary...grad school applications will soon be sent out, and then we'll see where he lands!

His birthday is in a couple weeks, but we're pseudo-celebrating now since he'll be in classes on his actual day (and we'll be traveling).    Hannah has been enjoying "hanging out" with him.  He's very patient and silly, which are two very good skills to have with a sister like Hannah (or Kate....).

So here's to our 22 year old!  We love you Chris!

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