October 25, 2012

SeaWorld 25/31

Another quick post...

We had a good day at SeaWorld.  I think it's more our pace, less crowded, more like a zoo than an extravaganza.  

Shamu was there to greet us:

The first show we saw was lots of fun--ducks, doves, cats, dogs, and pigs, all trained in ridiculous tricks!

We followed up with the Clyde and Seamore show (sea lions and otters!), and later, the dolphin show.   It was good to have all this sitting down since we were pretty worn out from yesterday!

Hannah,  hoping to catch a ride...

Somewhere along the way, we were looking at some aquatic birds.  Ducks were scurrying around the feeding dishes.   Nan says:
"They are busy bee--ks."

We did get rained out before we could see Shamu in action, but we didn't mind.  A nice quiet evening at the hotel gave us all some recoup time.

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