April 4, 2009

This 'n that

Nothing very interesting going on here. Just some excuses for the boringness of the past few posts!

My excuse: It's the wear and tear on the Momma due to excessive sleep deprivation. There is no drama with CPAP, just excruciatingly interrupted sleep. The new nasal mask is arriving on Monday; I am SO tempted to just take the next two nights off. But I won't. It's not fair to Hannah to stop using it on my whim.

Another excuse: My camera. My poor camera. It soaked in a liter of water for 30 minutes at soccer practice last week. A series of very unfortunate events, too boring to type, resulted in a dripping wet Nikon D40. Much to my surprise, after 3 days of drying, it works! At least, as long as I don't leave the battery in it. It drains the battery very quickly, even when turned off. So there is a problem. For now, I will just keep removing the battery as soon as I'm done taking a picture!

Yet another excuse: Hannah took her camera into her room a couple weeks ago. She wanted to keep it in her room. I heard her taking pictures in there. But she couldn't find her camera the next day, and I haven't seen it either. She's even cleaned her room twice since then. I'm sure I could find it if I helped her clean. But that isn't my style. I usually have be expecting company before I'll help a kid clean their room!

Without camera, no inspiration.

So, today I jiggled my battery in and out and took a few pictures.

We've started to deck out The Boy (Chris) for college. I don't think he's had a blue blazer since he was in cotillion!
He's gotten quite a bit taller since then! He's a solid 6+ feet tall. And now ready to meet the Dean, or the college president, or, even, go to church on Easter.

I received some airmail today.
She made a pretty decent airplane I think!

We were out of butter yesternight. We had to eat Tagalongs instead of making our own cookies. (oh, the torture! Ripping open a new box of Girl Scout cookies instead of making a pile of dirty dishes?? Nibbling on the chocolatey-peanut buttery deliciousness? If you insist...)

Hannah reminded me to buy butter today. Several times. We now have delicious peanut butter cookies.

This is a good thing because we only have two more boxes of Tagalongs.

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Beverly said...

that is too bad about your camera. I love the new jacket and Hannah's pjs are too cute!