April 11, 2009

After a hard day's egg hunting...

Our egg hunt was cancelled due to a 5 minute rain shower. So we were back to our usual hide-the-eggs-in-the-most-ridiculous-locations-possible-in-the-house. Chris hid the eggs for Hannah, then Hannah (and I) hid them for Chris. I was glad that I didn't hide a real egg on the ceiling fan blade, since Chris spun the blades around to see if anything was up there.

For the first time in many years all the eggs were found!

Here are Chris and Hannah relaxing while eating jelly beans and Mike and Ikes.

Stinky feet

Extra good news: Last night Hannah did not need any help with her mask! She did wake me up while she was rearranging her bed clothes (noisy hose clanking against the bedrails). But I didn't actually GET up. And she/me slept in until 8:00! I'm hoping that in a few more nights I'll be able to move back to my own room! Did I tell you that Hannah's room is the farthest bedroom from mine? Good planning. Our home health nurse had a suggestion. We could install one of those wireless doorbells, the button in her room and the bell in ours. Of course, Hannah would have to be awake enough to remember to use it. We'll see.

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Monica said...

What cute kids, stinky feet and all!!! This was one of the first years we could do our Easter egg hunt outside!!

Glad she did great with mask hope it continues!!