April 26, 2009

Megan Blake: SuperMom!

Thanks to all you who voted! Megan won the contest!! Yippee! She deserves this, and more!

From RichmondMom.com:

Ms. Megan Blake, with over 400 votes! Megan’s nomination was submitted by Jill Lutz, reading: “After Megan’s daughter was born with Down Syndrome, she started “First Call”, a support group for families whose baby has received a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Megan also serves on the DSAGR Board of Directors. In November 2008, Megan was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is bravely undergoing chemotherapy and still manages to be a SUPER mom.”
Megan will enjoy almost $4,000 in prizes from our incredible, generous contest sponsors.


Monica said...

Yeaah!!! I don't even know her and I'm so happy she won!!!! I did finally get it to work and voted!!

exnyers said...

YAY!! congrats megan!! : )