April 7, 2009

As the World Sleeps....

We do not.

The new CPAP mask arrived yesterday.

The headgear is too big. I tweaked it, but I think it needs a sewing machine before it will really work.

Hannah gave it a good try. She didn't fall asleep until 11:30 last night. And by 1:30a.m., after three awakenings from one of the "nasal pillows" dislodging, she sweetly asked if she could have her old mask. My thinking exactly. Fortunately she was tired enough at the point that she slept until 6a.m. without issue. One adjustment later, she was back to sleep for another two hours.

I feel like I'm a whiner.

This mask leakage is not an easy thing to solve. I've been reading some stuff from CPAP users (who generally are adults, who can understand the issues and attend to them independently, or children with complex medical needs who frequently are unable to move much. Hannah doesn't fit in those categories.). Here's what one woman said:

Most newly diagnosed apnea patients are happy to finally learn the reason for their sleepiness and eager to get on with the business of treatment to regain energy. Frustration soon sets in when CPAP is delivered and the mask search begins. It's an educational process of trial and error to find the right interface and then learn to sleep with hurricane force winds blowing up your nose. It's not easy, many give up the fight.

There are dozens and dozens of different mask styles out there....and finding the right mask for Hannah's individual face shape and size is key to success.

I hope.

If only there was a CPAP mask store like Netflix. Try one, send it back to get another, all for one low monthly fee!


Beverly said...

It is such a shame not to get a right fit the first time! I hope you can find one that is perfect for her. She is so good to keep wearing them each night!

Cheryl said...

Hope you find the right one soon:)
You have an award on my blog.

exnyers said...

oh nos!! i'm so sorry it wasn't the answer to all your prayers... i sure hope they can get her the right fit.. and soon!!!!

Lisa said...

Beth, I'm just now visiting your blog. Let's stay connected. I'm new to DS and plan to homeschool - my oldest will be 4 in
june. I'd certainly appreciate any input you want to give along the way.

Monica said...

Wow, I can't believe I haven't come across your blog before. I love your sense of humor, I've read quite a few of your past posts tonight and have laughed out loud many times!! Adam and Hannah are pretty close in age. He will be eleven in Nov. we are new to home schooling so, hope to get some tips from you!!

Hope you find the right fit soon!!

Jeanette said...

Good luck! I hope that you find a good one soon!

Dawn said...

I certainly hope you find the right mask soon. I'm keeping my fingers, toes, and anything else I can think of crossed.