April 1, 2009

Full of herself

Hannah's been trying new things lately, some have met with success, and others, not quite.

Today she had her piano lesson:

Hannah: Mrs Hughes! I finished the whole book!

Mrs H: What? What do you mean? You still have several more pieces to learn!
Hannah: Nope, I learned them all this week.

Mrs H: Really? Are you kidding me? That's amazing!

Hannah: I am. I am kidding you. April Fools!!

She really had Mrs. Hughes going!

But last night, I was out at a meeting and Hannah was hoping that James would come outside and kick the soccer ball around with her. She knew he had some things to do, so she went out by herself. She came to the back door a few minutes later.

H: Dad? Are you coming out soon?

Dad: No, I told you I have to put away the food and do the dishes. I don't know if I will come out or not.

H: I'll count to ten, and if you're not out here, there's NO sports for YOU.

(Dad did not go out)
When Hannah is in the back yard she likes to dig in the dirt (real grass is non-existant in our backyard--we only have a wide variety of weeds and bare patches). She finds small rocks and pebbles and she likes to throw them and "skip" them. They bounce nicely across the dirt, and she likes to see how far they will skip.

Awhile after Dad did not show up for sports, she came back to the door again.

H: Dad, do you like to skip rocks?

Dad: I like to skip rocks on the water, but not so much in the dirt.

H: (disgusted with the answer) Yeah. Right. What-Ever.

From where is this attitude arising???

Then there is this:

Hannah again. But this is fake--she made it in art class with styrofoam and tacky glue with paint in it. The sprinkles are real. She was really excited about tricking us with this!


Every April Fool's Day I think back 11 years. Hannah was born on Friday the 13th. She had a rough start, with plenty of medical intrigue. She was not released from the hospital until April Fool's Day. While we had our share of fun with these dates, we are not superstitious, we just think it's kinda funny the way it worked out. All the worry and roller coaster rides--they ended up being sort of like an April Fool's joke. All that drama only to find out that Hannah's just a regular kid, growing up so very much like typical kids.

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Megan said...

Given that Stella was born on April Fool's Day ~ we're in on the joke, too. :-)