April 6, 2009

Fixing Breakfast

*clink clink*

I hear the sounds of dishes clinking. Someone is preparing food downstairs. I have already eaten, so I'm hoping Hannah isn't fixing breakfast for me as well.

I continue to do morning computer catch-up, but the sounds get the better of me.

Downstairs I go, "Are you fixing breakfast?"

H: Yes! I am! My favorite!

Me: What are you making?

H: Strawberry ice cream. My favorite! With sprinkles.

Me: Hmmmm.

Do I ruin the fun, or let it go? Anyone want to take a guess?

Well, technically it's fruit and milk. Oh, uh, yeah, and some sugar.

And now she's emptying the dishwasher. My favorite!


Beverly said...

too funny! She looks so happy with her breakfast: )

Kate said...

Haha, like you'd ruin the fun! The woman who counts pumpkin pie as a legitimate breakfast!

Lori said...

Yeah, sometimes a parent just has to let things slide. I love your reasoning though, it reminded me of Bill Cosby's theory about chocolate cake! She certainly seemed to love her breakfast!

My name is Sarah said...

Are you kidding?!! We have ice cream for breakfast all the time. Love the smile:)

exnyers said...

what a great shot! it's always an adventure, isn't it? : )