April 30, 2009

Abby's Gifts

At our very first Down Syndrome Association meeting (Nan=8 weeks old), we met The Most Wonderful Corrigan Family.  We became fast friends.  Their twins are just 6 weeks older than Hannah, so our families have gone through many of the same emotional and developmental challenges together.   Emma, the older sister, has Down syndrome; Abby, the younger sister, has Typical Child syndrome.

Many of you know Emma and Abby as preschoolers from the documentary film, Emma's Gifts, or from my posts.   Their parents, Mike and Mitzi, are amazing people--kind, creative, loving and supportive parents.   It was clear early on that Abby inherited her parents' tremendous theatrical and musical gifts.  Abby shines the most when she's on stage.

I'm excited to share Abby's YouTube debut, age 11, singing "Teardrops on My Guitar".    Abby has big dreams, and I'm sure she'd love to see some huge numbers on her view counter!   Take a minute (or 3:19 minutes) and you can say you saw her when she was just starting out!   
Abby on YouTube here.

Abby and Hannah, age 8


exnyers said...

awesome! she sounds so grown up with that voice! wow!

Beverly said...

Wow, she she is great!!!