April 10, 2009


Hannah has really been stringing out her bed time. Of course, if I wasn't so lame, she'd be in bed at a reasonable hour. My approach to bed time pretty much has been: If you're in your bed and you're not bothering me, then I'm fine with it. But Hannah has stretched that into: If I don't bug mom, she won't notice that I haven't gone to bed yet. And she's right.

So, tonight when I went in to say goodnight at 10:30 (time flies when you play on Facebook), hoping she had put herself to bed, she was happily reading. In bed. Yay!

I let her finish her page (who am I to stop a kid from reading??), and then gently took off her glasses.

I asked her if she could read without her glasses. "No. I can't."

I had her look at the book. "What does this say?"

"Flumm blek dee bon shushun beh." giggle giggle.

It's true, she cannot see much without her glasses. I guess I need give her some new vocabulary words like Focus and Blurry.

Soon she'll be asleep, then I can go in and rouse her to put on her CPAP. We're using the original mask. She's only gotten up once each night for the past three nights! I'm almost believing that she's going to get the hang of it! She wakes up when the sun comes up, turns off the machine and takes off her mask. She hangs it up nicely on the bedpost, and then goes back to sleep again for another hour or two. She's technically following the rules: Mask may be removed if the sun is up.

Thanks for all your encouragement. It's helping me, so I can help her.


Monica said...

Sounds like she is doing better than I would with the CPAP mask!!

Isn't it funny when our kids our reading, we don't get as upset when they aren't sleeping!!! I once was awoken to Adam talking in his room at 3am when I went to check out what was going on he was laying in bed reading out loud!! I was so proud and happy we finished the book together!!

Brandie said...

We have the same bedtime routine! You guys have been such troopers with the CPAP. It sounds like she's adapting pretty well to it now.