October 26, 2009

Peace Corps: Intro to Amman, Jordan

I got to speak with Kate briefly today! The connection was terrible, but we did manage a few sentences before giving up. But, I had a treat on Facebook this evening--she was able to download some pictures from the past couple of days!

Kate has been in Amman since Saturday and will be leaving tomorrow for Mafraq. The PC group took a short tour of the ancient ruins surrounding Amman. (No hijab required in Amman.)


Mosque in the background

I guess they like satellite dishes!

Ruins of a Roman Amphitheater

My Favorite!

I can tell that she's having a good time (so far!). The hard work begins soon, but she's got her sunny attitude at the ready!

*****To read more about Kate and Peace Corps, click here ******


alaskamama said...

How wonderful Beth! I hv a friend in Iraq, serving as a civilian on a base...always gives me goose bumps when we connect...so far away...amazing.
My daughter Annie (16) wants to know what one has to do to get into the PC...I told her I wld ask my friend Beth! haha...
she has a serious case of wanderlust...
So glad yr Kate is having this exp. and a firm believer in seeing the world in whatever capacity when the opp. arises...I left my country when I was 19 on my world adventure and haven't looked back...but I know it broke my Dad's heart...now I am starting to know what it feels like.
bless u

Stephanie said...

I am so glad Kate is doing well. I had a friend from Jordan. We were working on campus and the crown Prince was visiting, & her family knew the royals. She was expected to show them around - wow! what an experience! - even crazier, while he was here, the King passed away - he was the new King!!! His wife is VERY nice and they are very forward thinking. I have always wanted to visit, but for now I will have to live vicariously through Kate. :)

Beverly said...

those are beautiful photos. she is a brave young lady and you must be so proud of her.