October 26, 2009

Kate Update

Yay: We've heard from Kate!

Boo: We missed the phone call.

She also briefly emailed and posted to Facebook, so we know:

1. She's safely there.
2. She's tired.
3. She figured out how to buy a phone card.
4. She sounds happy.
5. She's met interesting people in the Peace Corps.

We're so glad to get this little bit of news!
I have to brag on My Friend Wendy. Boy is she ever nice to me! Look what she sent to make my day brighter last week when I was down in the dumps with Kate's departure.

I never had an Edible Arrangement before, and it was just delicious! We gobbled it up. See those white things in there? They are chocolate dipped bananas. At first I thought they were marshmallows, so Hannah ate the first one. She hates bananas, but didn't say anything about it (it's been a long time since she ate one). Later, when I ate one (I hate marshmallows, but love chocolate), I was happy to discover it was a banana. We laughed about that, and Hannah even ate some more (but she's still not willing to try a plain banana again). They were so GOOD!! Just like My Friend--so good!


Beverly said...

that looks so yummy! Glad Kate got there ok and hope you are feeling better!

Brandie said...

Glad you heard from Kate! Its hard for me to imagine any of my kids being that far away someday. That arrangement is very yummy looking!

Monica said...

Glad you heard from Kate, so sorry you missed it though!!!

What a dear friend and that arrangement does look yummy!!!