October 3, 2009

Guests of honor!

We've got two extra special visitors staying with us until Sunday afternoon.

Carley and Macey! They are staying here while their parents are visiting big sister, Rachel, at college. We're more than halfway done with our weekend, and while it's been exhausting for some of us (grown ups? yes.), it has been tons of fun!

We met up with the girls on Friday while Hannah was having her horse grooming/care lesson.

Yes, that is glittery horse nail/hoof polish. I guess that's a kind of "grooming".

I heard that Macey didn't like being on horses, so I wasn't sure how she'd react.
(Wendy, I think she's over that.)

I have to share this one, because it shows how beautiful Macey is.

Carley had a turn too, but she didn't stay on for long, even with Hannah's encouragement. You can see that Carley will be expecting a visit from the tooth fairy pretty soon!

We adventured out to dinner. I had forgotten how much little ones enjoy trying out the "facilities". Fortunately, Hannah doesn't need assistance. Depending on the location, and how crowded it is, I let Hannah go to the restroom unattended. I usually have to remind her to keep quiet, since she's apt to start up a conversation with her stall-mate, or sing a little made up song to herself. Out loud. Very out loud sometimes.

But, I digress. We had a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant, and came home in time for baths and bed. I put Carley in with Hannah, and Macey got to sleep in Chris' room. Macey sometimes still rocks during the night, which was her self-soothing behavior when she was in the orphanage. I didn't hear her rock last night, but she did decide to get up a few times to check on the other girls. I guess she was ready to play! Fortunately, everyone went back to sleep without much trouble. Tonight we are using a baby gate at her bedroom door. Even if she breaks it down, at least I'll wake up from the noise!

Hannah is completely better from her cold, but I am still coughing a good deal, and I have a "Demi Moore" voice (according to one pal of mine), slightly scratchy and husky. I think my voice is more on the froggy side of things, but I'll take a Demi comparison any time! The good news is that I'm feeling pretty much okay. Just tired. Thanks for all your well wishes!

Today we went to Hannah's baseball game. The little girls were just perfect! They cheered on everyone, and kept their eyes on Hannah's progress around the bases.

How lucky am I? Both of the girls still take naps in the afternoon! I would have insisted on a "quiet time" if they didn't fall asleep, but they were as good as gold. We played outside until dinner, enjoying the grand weather we've been having.

All girls were polished to a shine in the tub, and now, I've plunked them into their beds. Yay! Isn't that the best feeling? I had sort of forgotten the joy of bedtime! Now I'm off to catch up on Queen Noor's book (reading about Jordan...Kate's departure less than 3 weeks away! Yikes!).

Next up: Hannah's physical. No bad news!


Wendy said...

Oh yes Macey is over the horse issue. We went to a B-day party with horses as entertainment last spring. Macey would giggle and babble in total excitment... Once her turn was over she would run get back in line! Carley rode maybe once and wanted to play on the trampoline and playground!

I still remember my total exhaustion from those two before I built up some endurance (however there are days when they still win) I hope you do not see any unforsaken times in wee hours and sleep well!


Cheryl said...

Love the pictures of the girls on the horse!Looks like Hannah was a big help.Sounds like ya'll are having a fun visit.Glad to hear Hannah is feeling better and you are getting there :)

Anonymous said...

WOW. That Macey sure has grown. Haven't checked their blog out in a while (If she even keeps it up anymore, I'm that far behind.) Sounds like a fun weekend!


Beverly said...

great photos! sounds like you guys had a busy and fun weekend! Hope you get some rest!

Kim said...

lol. I remember Hannah talked to me in the bathroom. I talked back. No one has ever taught me the proper bathroom behavior either. lol.