October 27, 2009

21 Things

A year ago, I made a list of 21 Things About Hannah. Here's this year's version. I wrote this year's before reviewing last year's, and I've only got one overlap. Interesting that none of these have anything to do with that pesky extra 21st chromosome.

1. She has been known to stay in the bathtub for nearly 2 hours.

2. Nan was terrified of the dentist the first few times. After we excessively played pretend dentist, it became her favorite place to go.

3. She will now eat just about any food put in front of her. Within reason. (Sorry, buckwheat pancakes with blackstrap molasses aren't gonna cut it, Opa.) But she will always ask, hopefully, if noodles are on the menu.

4. She has donated to Locks of Love twice, and is planning on growing her hair out again.

5. Soccer is edging out baseball these days, though she still plays both.

6. Her room is usually a huge mess, but when coerced, she is really good at cleaning it thoroughly.

7. Her nicknames include: Birdie, Love, Nan, Nanabird, and Puddin'.

8. She LOVES to see stage productions.

9. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. Or, move to Hollywood and become the piano accompanist for an ongoing production of The Sound of Music.

10. When she was born with severe pulmonary hypertension, she was given a 15% survival rate.

11. Peter Pevensie is her favorite character in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. (not a bad choice in my opinion)

12. After independently sifting through 150 magnetic words, here are her favorites:
(and I agree, these are her favorite things to do!)

13. All time favorite: Watching videos. Second place: drawing/coloring.

14. She wants to visit Egypt.

15. She has a collection of teddy bears, but only one, Molasses, sleeps with her. Molasses has a best friend named "Oddy", who is an ostrich.

16. Guilty pleasure: Little Debbie's Zebra Cakes (ick ick ick says mommy)

17. She was my only kid who ever lost both front teeth at the same time. I took her directly to the photographer.

18. She likes to bake peanut butter cookies, especially to share with her brother.

19. I have heard, on rare occasions, Hannah matching pitch while singing.

20. There is nothing so satisfying as tossing pebbles into a puddle or pond.

21. The countdown to getting an electric guitar has begun. Less than 18 months away. Save us.


Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

great list :) tell hannah we LOVE the sound of music here, too!! have you seen the youtube clip from the train station in belgium?


Cheryl said...

I loved learning all those things about Hannah.
The sound of Music is one of my favorites too.
Cute picture of you and Hannah!

Sasha@ Blyssfulhealth said...

I just started following your blog. I love the list and I also love the soccer picture. So awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Hannah and Sawyer have a commonality. (Besides the T21 thing) His PAH pressures were well into the 100's. They gave us NO HOPE.

Love reading about Hannah!


Anonymous said...

My faves are #17 and #21. Rock on, Hannah! Terry, my husband, often picks up Gabe's little Vtech (or whatever brand...) and goes a little Eddie Van Halen on the family. I think everyone wants to play electric guitar!

suelmayer said...

What a great idea and wonderful way to get to know Hannah. Can't wait to see and hopefully hear on a video clip the electric guitar!!

Beverly said...

what a great list of things, love them all.

halayn said...

Beth, that photo of you two is adorable!

Kelly said...

I love hearing about Hannah! I love Little Debbie Zebra cakes too!

I can't believe a 15% chance of survival! GO HANNAH! What a treasure. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog. I need to remebmer to come here more often. I am always blessed hearing about Hannah!

Sumithra said...

Thats a wonderful list. Besides the designer chromosome, my son shares the same interests as Hannah in #1 and #3!