October 16, 2009

Overdue Buddy Walk

Let's see...I guess I'm only 6 days late, but it feels like a couple of weeks! Last Saturday was our Richmond Buddy Walk. We had it at the Richmond International Raceway. We had all our activities in the infield. (Is that what it's called? You'd think after living in Charlotte, NC for 15 years I'd know a little something about NASCAR, but I don't.) Then, we walked on the actual racetrack! It was pretty cool on the banked curves--we had Hannah in the stroller and had her zipping all around like she was Lightning McQueen (but we call her Lightning McNan).

Chris and I worked in the registration tent, which was fun. We did get to sneak out to watch Hannah's dance team perform. They did great, even though it was sprinkling a little bit. Fortunately it never did pour, though it threatened.

James, Kate and Hannah had fun watching other performers and checking out the firetrucks. I wasn't thinking at all, or I would have gotten tickets to take a ride in the pace car around the track. Hannah would have loved it. Maybe next year!


Dustin and Kelly said...

Beth, what a great slide show! You got some awesome pictures - I love the one of Hannah and Spiderman! I, too, was working during the event, so I didn't get many pics of the kids, and I'm also late posting my blog about it. I did get to sneak over and watch Hannah and friends perform - they were great!!

Anonymous said...

That was so awesome! I LOVED the music! And your last slide...I'm so glad we all have Buddies in our lives!♥

Josette said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog so much, I hate for my first comment to be this question! In one of the last pictures Hannah appears to be sitting in some type of stroller (?) My Jessie, 8, with DS doesn't have endurance to walk long distances and we have been investigating a special needs stroller...woud you mind sharing about that if you have one?