October 9, 2009

All together now...

Chris is home on fall break! Hannah has been bugging him solidly for the past 3 hours--she's so excited he's here! We are too! He has Monday and Tuesday off from classes. Hopefully Nan will slow down a bit and give him some time to rest.

The three kids were having crazy fun this evening--teaching Hannah what to say when anyone asks a question: If this is a consular ship, then where is the Ambassador?
Q: "Hannah, would you like more fruit salad?"
A: "If this is a consular ship...."

It's a multi-purpose answer. But only funny if you're a Star Wars fan.

More craziness: Yesterday was Dog Day. Clipping and bathing. It takes a few hours to groom them. Bunsen detests his bath. But when he is set free he is very excited. All I have to do is say, "crazy" and see what he does?

Tomorrow is our Buddy Walk! I am woefully behind. I made Hannah's fundraising page, but I never sent it out to anyone, so she has officially raised $0.00. I feel guilty enough that I'll probably hit up friends and relations soon after the Walk is over. Chris and I are volunteering, Hannah is performing with Miracles in Motion, and Kate and James are supervising Hannah. I am hoping that this year I'll actually be able to walk! It's been years since I've walked--I'm always on a committee or being a gopher. We're doing registration this year, so maybe we'll get to sneak out for the walk.

Sunday we're having Thanksgiving. This is the last time we'll all be together for a couple of years, since Kate is leaving on October 22nd. She hasn't been home for Thanksgiving in 4 or 5 years. She is our chief stuffing maker and she's looking forward to getting her hands on the dry bread and sage! She's really good at making stuffing. No oysters allowed, thank goodness!

After feasting, we'll put the kids to work on the mountain of mulch that was just delivered--sounds like a good way to build up an appetite for pumpkin pie, don't you think?


Captain Quirk said...

Haha, love the Star Wars quote.

alaskamama said...

I keep forgetting that u Canads hv had yr Thankgiving...ours is in Nov. So grt that yr Chris is home for a bit. Our Pat hs been gone for 5 months learning how to hunt guide for out of state hunters...finally back for a bit and now off again to see his girlfriend in the UK...but nice to hv him, Rob simply adores him, sounds alot like H with her big bro...
blessings..thanks for sharing..