November 3, 2008

Where is that yellow bus, and can I flag it down?

Today was one of those homeschooling days that really made me wish we were NOT homeschoolers. It started out okay, but things went downhill about 90 minutes into our schoolwork. You'd think that schooling just one kid would not be so difficult.

I was really wrestling with keeping my patience with Hannah's spelling and sentence writing. Does anyone else have this problem? She knows how to spell all the words in her sentences. But when she starts to write more than one word in a row, she completely forgets how to spell. It's like she isn't even trying. She almost tunes out. Then she gets oppositional (which she does when she is frustrated or a task is overwhelming to her), which does not go over well with me. We tried to move on to another task. But she made up her mind to be disobedient. Brain washing technique failed, along with my good humor.

Every school year there is one day, or maybe two that really makes me doubt my ability to be both teacher and parent. I haven't been in tears over school in a very long time, but today was the day.

I almost thought it was all me. I was counting out the days to see if I had PMS! No. As the day progressed, I learned that Hannah just decided to have a horrible day and share it with me at every opportunity.

She stole Halloween candy, ate it in her room while sneaking a videotape to watch when she was supposed to be cleaning her room (chocolate on carpet...) She killed nearly all the newly purchased crickets, which were intended to feed our temporary pet (praying mantis). She had been telling me how cute they were, and how big they could jump. When I went to put the crickets in the cage, there were just three that were still alive. She had squished the rest while she was telling me how cute they were. GROSS. I. Am. Not. Happy.

I don't know what got into her today. I hope it's gotten out of her now and won't return. I could use a sabbatical. Anyone want to be a substitute teacher for a year?


Anonymous said...


hope tomorrow is better! I know Wednesday will be! :) :) :)

All 4 My Gals said...

Oh I know it's not funny, but it is. ;-)

I definitely don't have the temperament to home school, so I have great respect for you. And hey one or two bad days a year is awesome!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all 4 my gals..... I do not have the temperament to home school either. And I too, am in awe of you!!!

I think it is completely normal to have days like you had today. Not that that makes a bad day easy....

I do not wish bad days on ANYONE, and reading that you had a bad day....made me feel like I wasn't all by myself....that there was someone else out there having a bad day too.

Thanks for keeping it real and sharing your good days and bad days!!!

Can't wait to see you in a few days.....and Hannah too. :)