November 19, 2008

My work's cut out for me

This was the view from inside my kitchen yesterday. See the light switch? That's the inside of my house. Then there is the outside.

Yesterday was the coldest day of the season so far! There was a light dusting of snow in the morning. Ice in the dog bowl. So of course, that was the day to install new exterior doors, dontcha think? It was a nice day for a cool breeze to refresh the house! It was 28 degrees when the installers arrived.

We ordered the new doors a couple months ago, thinking that they'd arrive in mid October, when the weather was reliably warm (even hot some times!). But Murphy's Law reigns, so today's the day.

And yes, it did actually snow in my kitchen! (But, I didn't get a picture.)

Here's the finished product:

Well, sort of finished. Now all I have to do is prime it, paint it and then paint the rest of the trim in the kitchen, and finally paint the kitchen walls! Sounds like it's time for Roxanne to come visit!!

It's been pretty funny to watch the dogs--they are trained to ring the bell that hangs from the doorknob when they want to go outside. The old door opened to the left. This one opens to the right. So when the dogs ring the bell, they go stand by the hinges. Then I open the door, and they just stand there, waiting for me to open the door on their side! I have to herd them to the center. Bunsen is getting better, but Hazel is a creature of habit and is rather stubborn about moving to the middle.

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