November 26, 2008

Too many friends, too little time

We're happy to be home, though we had so much fun at my parents' house. We managed to squeeze in some quick visits with friends, but didn't have time to see everyone we hoped to visit.

Here's a quick photo essay...can you believe I didn't get a single picture of either of my parents? What a lame daughter!

These are Hannah's lifelong friends. Their parents have been such a blessing to our family, with support, encouragement, love and friendship from the very beginning of our journey. Boy are we thankful for them!!!

This is Shea, a horse-lover, who is always ready to have an adventure.

Hannah and Cecilia watch a scary part in a movie...

Hannah adores Cecilia's little poodle. Daisy will tolerate any amount of dressing up in doll clothes, cuddling, squeezing or packaging! Here Hannah has her bundled into an impromptu blanket bag.

The Fearsome Foursome: Emma, Molly, Hannah, and Abby.
Abby is the only one who does not have the bonus chromosome.

Here's Emma, personality plus! LOTS of dress-up in this house!

One of the many animals that live in Emma and Abby's house...

Another animal in the same house. Oh no, wait, that's Michael, the Dad. Hannah has had a crush on him since she was three years old. She's fluttering her eyes for him.

While I was away, my friend Donna started a new blog! Check it out!

Here's my imaginative daughter first thing this morning. Apparently going out to save Roo from a disaster in the Hundred Acre Wood...

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday, with too many blessings to count.


Wendy said...

I want PJ's like Hannah's!!

I also think I want to go with her to find Roo in the 100 acre woods!

Unknown said...

I want to rescue Roo with Hannah and Winter!!!!
I am glad to hear that you and Hannah are at home safe and sound and that you had a good time.
The fun doesn't have to end!!!!
Pack another ditty bag! You girls should head back to Virginia Beach!! Our last visit was too short. The next time maybe Wendy and her crew can join us. Or would that be too many chromosomes under one roof?
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

scoot said...

Happy turkey day Hannah!

Love, Uncle Scoot.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! When are you coming back to the beach? :) I am amazed at all the photos you do take. I didn't get one photo of our Thanksgiving!! And I am so disappointed I didn't get one of us, when you came by to visit!! I wish you were closer!!

All 4 My Gals said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Glad you got your kitchen doors put on. :)