November 11, 2008

More alike than different

Here's the link to the new campaign put out by the National Down Syndrome Congress. Take a couple minutes to watch the video. I just love that guy who is a teacher aide.

I think it's great! I always thought that people with Ds were more human than the rest of us. I mean, besides having more DNA, which would literally make them MORE human, people with Down syndrome seem to have an ability to live more fully than those of us lowly ones with only 46 chromosomes.


Natalie said...

Stopping by to check in on YOU now! I have loved visiting and reading about Hannah before, but have been deliquent about signing in--you'd think I'd be better about that!

Now I'm off to see which Jane Austen character I am. Oooo, I hope it's Elizabeth Bennett (and not her mother).

All 4 My Gals said...

LOVE this pic!