October 1, 2008

Too many pictures....

We've had plenty of rain in the past month (12 inches at least!), so we have a nice crop of mushrooms. Hannah has been enjoying watching them grow. She spent some time outside with the camera today, and now is dictating this post:

That one is my back yard, with a tree:

This mushroom is growing from on the ground.

These are so cute. This is a family of mushrooms.

This looks like an umbrella.

This looks like a flower.

I took this picture for Katie. I'd like Katie to be here.

See the pink mushrooms?? (Giggle giggle) They are my feet mushrooms!

I think it looks like Epcot Center. It looks like a brain.

This looks like a bowl. A salad bowl.

I know! It's a burned marshmallow mushroom!

This is a flying saucer.


And that's the end of the Hannah Mushroom show.


Wendy said...

I do believe we have a photographer in the making.

I also noticed some one has been working in their back yard with some nice landscaping blocks!

grammy em lee said...

What cool pictures of mushrooms. The "pink" mushrooms are cute too. Hannah has a great sense of of photography. These picture are really good. Take care

Em Lee Fuson
Laurie Lackman's grandmother and Deb Dougherty's friend.