October 21, 2008

Girls' Group

This afternoon Hannah and I hosted five girls for our initial meeting of the Girls' Group! It was so much fun! The girls range in age from 9-12, and all are home schooled. Today's projects were itty bitty scarecrows:

and decorating fall cookies:

Hannah and I made about 150 cookies, but she only painted 8 of them (well, she ate a fair amount as well....). The rest of the girls had a good tray full---which is good--some of them have 6 or 8 siblings!

We used every minute of the two hours we had together. It was wonderful! Hannah misses her Girl Scout Troop from where we used to live, but this was as much fun, or more, at least for me, since we don't have to have all the rules and regulations at meetings.

And the best part is that my house is still clean. Can you believe the children cleaned up everything? Without any nudging? I think I'll keep them all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yummmmm~the cookies look so good!! Can I place my order? :)

And the scarecrow~so cute....Where will you put him?

I am so looking forward to seeing you and meeting Hannah in November!!!