October 14, 2008

Add a little sunshine to your life!

Here's an article discussing the new AAP recommendations for children to double their daily Vitamin D intake.


While I usually don't care what the AAP has to say, I do agree with this. American children are not playing outside enough, they are too sedentary, and they are desperately in need of Nature.
I also have a child who has low bone density, low enough to have broken three bones in the past two years. While his osteoporosis is not necessarily caused by low Vit D levels (nor calcium levels...we've had several conflicting blood labs), he does take a large dose of Vit D every other week, in addition to cod liver oil and sunshine.

We all need to be outside in the sun!


Wendy said...

You are my sunshine
my only sunshine!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hats off Beth for doing it all.