January 1, 2010


Ahh, the first post of the year!

The first activity of the year was a little bit of clean up from last night's party. We had a smaller, gathering this year (after last year's overwhelming guest list of 57 people...). My parents arrived from NYC just as the party got underway. We moved the clocks ahead as usual, so we had the countdown at 9:00 "Midnight".

Somebody is TOO LOUD!!!

It was a fun time for everyone!

The second activity was dropping Chris off at the Medical College of Virginia to shadow a doctor through a day of work. As a pre-med student he has to start exploring various medical arenas, and this was his first foray. He came home excited and is ready for another day at the hospital tomorrow!

My mom and I took Hannah to her riding lesson this afternoon--BRRR!!!! It was cold and muddy, but fun watching her navigate her horse through imaginary street intersections, stopping at a "stop" sign, looking both ways, picking up "mail" from the mailbox, and "running errands". She did a great job handling Tappie.

Tonight my mom's cousin came for dinner and we had a full evening of visiting and catching up--we're all tired out and ready to cozy ourselves down for another long winter's nap.

Rumor has it that Cookin' with Nan will be airing a new episode soon--be on the lookout for your favorite internet chef!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Beth & Family! Dagnabbit! I would have loved a pair of your 2010 glasses!

Beverly said...

looks like a good time. looking forward to the new cooking show

exnyers said...

wow! we made it to the blog!!! and we are lookin' goooood! ;)
thanks again for the hospitality and the fun! glad chris liked his time at mcv! that's exciting!

looking forward to the next installment of 'cooking with nan'...

yer pal

To Love Endlessly said...

looks like it was a blast! those glasses are something else. :-)